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Whitening the teeth are one of the most if not the most non-invasive dental cosmetic procedures of all. It is entirely inexpensive, fast and safe—an efficient method to naturally brighten the teeth stained or discoloured by chemical damage or ageing.

The majority of the individuals will enjoy 7 to 9 shades of brighter teeth. But relying on the person, some degree of tooth sensitivity is witnessed during this treatment.

Advantages of Tooth Whitening

There can be many reasons for stained or discoloured teeth. A big one is excessive consumption of cigarettes, tea, and coffee. But sometimes, the individual can also have naturally stained teeth since their birth which are known as intrinsic stains. The method of tooth whitening is constantly utilised to treat light to medium intrinsic and surface stains.

After an hour of teeth whitening clinic in Gurgaon or 15 days to 20 days of home teeth whitening. The individuals will be capable of achieving the sparkling smile they have always dreamt of, however, for more severe discolouration such as tetracycline stains. The individuals will need much more extended periods of teeth whitening.


It is vital to make sure many decades of enjoying a fresh and sparkling smile.

As a part of the teeth whitening protocol of T32, the teeth whitening dental clinic in Gurgaon suggest that all individuals should maintain regularity of 8 weeks to 12 weeks with their personalised in-house whitening tray. In some instances, to achieve some extra whitening and to maintain that state of sound effect.

The personalised in-house whitening tray is created under the observation of the teeth whitening dentist in Gurgaon in the dental lab. The strict regulations and supervision ensure excellent fit satisfaction and great comfort among the patients.

Teeth Whitening Treatment Process

At-Home Teeth Whitening Treatment Process

It is a simple procedure that will at most take 15 minutes.

The experts will conduct a detailed aesthetical examination of the individual’s smile. Alongside that, they will also take notes on the dietary Expectations and habits of the individual. The dentist will ask for counselling to let the individual know what the do’s and don’ts of dietary restrictions are. Also, from this counselling t, the individuals will understand what they have to do after the teeth whitening procedure.

The professionals will take the moulds of the individual’s lower and upper jaws. This process permits the lab technicians to customise the whitening trays to fit the individual properly.

This detailed process takes a couple of hours to finish. If the individuals prefer, they can even request to get it on the same day. So that they can wipe away the stains from their teeth as soon as possible and all they have to do is ask.

When the tray is ready, the clinic will give individuals special teeth whitening gel accessible in various concentrations for tooth whitening. The professional at the facility will also show the individuals how to utilise the gel when they are performing the teeth whitening process at their house.

Relying on the concentration of the teeth whitening gel, the individuals have to apply it and wear the tray for between half an hour to three hours.

The individuals have to go back to the dentist to examine the outcomes in 20 to 30 days.This is why individuals should remember to do their maintenance.

Tip: if the individual has a huge event or and vital party where they want to have a bright and sparkling smile. Then they can even put the tray on for 2 or 1 applications at least seven days before the party.

Teeth Whitening Dental Clinic In Gurgaon
Teeth Whitening Dentist In Gurgaon

In-Office Teeth Whitening Treatment Process

Teeth whitening in the dental clinic takes approximately an hour for the entire procedure. But the individuals should set aside at least one and half hours for preparation and discussion time.

The experts will conduct an in-depth aesthetic examination of the smile. On top of that, they will also take notes on the dietary Expectations and habits of the individual. Teeth whitening in Gurgaon will also let the individual know about the dos and don’ts of eating. They will also make the individual aware of the precautions they have to take after the teeth whitening procedure.

They will also take moles of both the lower and upper jaws. This permits the in-house professionals to precisely personalise the whitening plate to fit the individual’s teeth structure properly.

The dentist will put on a layer of protective shell around the gums, teeth, and lips after cleansing the teeth. This formula is applied to protect them from the highly concentrated teeth whitening gel.

Then the dentist will utilise the teeth whitening gel which is light sensitive on the surface of the teeth. Then they will shine on a uniquely filtered LED ray. This light will speed up the process of teeth whitening.

After 4 or 3 circles, the teeth whitening process will finish. And with that, the individuals will have a brand-new sparkling smile.

The professionals at the clinic will also prepare the maintenance tray for the individuals, which they can collect after the teeth whitening procedure.

FAQs on Teeth Whitening

1- Are there any adverse effects linked with tooth whitening? 

Tooth whitening is a very straightforward and safe procedure. The most typical adverse effect which the individual witness is sensitivity. It is the strength of which is likely to fluctuate from individual to individual. Teeth whitening procedure will not influence the integrity of the teeth structure and pre-existing fillings. But pre-existing filling or crown or veneer present in the front teeth is unlikely to brighten to the same degree as organic teeth. On top of that, they also may require to replace frequently.

2- Is tooth whitening ok for nursing individuals and pregnant individuals? 

Whitening the teeth is typically a safe process for pregnant and nursing individuals. It is because the active components in the teeth whitening gel are Peroxide. This component breaks down in H2O and releases oxygen radicals, which enters the teeth and then brighten them. There is no study report indicating that tooth whitening procedures cause any threat to the developing foetus. But because the first three months are a crucial period for the growth of the foetus. Teeth whitening in Gurgaon typically recommends caution. It is entirely safe for individuals who have just given birth to utilise teeth whitening gel while still nursing.

3- Is tooth whitening appropriate for young kids? 

The medical professionals typically mention the cautions when conducting a teeth whitening process on kids. It is because their long-standing truth may not yet be thoroughly developed.

4- What are the adverse effects of utilising tooth whitening gels or going through the high-intensity LED whitening treatment? 

Before the dentist starts applying the tooth whitening gel, they make sure to protect the gums and lips of the individual. This means that there are typically no other adverse effects the patient will experience other than tooth sensitivity for a shorter time.

5- Will the tooth become more fragile after the tooth whitening procedures? 

Tooth whitening procedures do not influence the integrity of the teeth structure. This is why it will not create any adverse effect which can make the tooth more fragile.

6- Are there any circumstances whereby the individual would be ill-suited for the clinical whitening treatment? 

Each individual is different, which is why abnormality in the structure and development can conclude in inborn fragility in the organic tooth. For this reason, dentists recommend individuals undergo a basic appointment before performing any dental procedure.

7- Does the individual have to give up consuming coffee and tea if they wish to keep their teeth white after the treatments? 

The dentist does not say that the individuals forget about coffee and tea to maintain a bright smile. They will advise the individuals on numerous methods to keep their bright smiles. Typically, regular dental cleaning and utilisation of the whitening tray will assist in removing any external stains. Such as nicotine stains created by smoking.

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