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He started his career at Narinder Mohan Hospital, having served there for 10 years with a very high turnover of patients during his tenure. He was the Pioneer to start Endodontic treatment and Periodontal Surgery in Delhi NCR way back in 1978.

Right now he is managing his clinic Dr Bhushans Dental Care for the last 27 years. As of now he is very actively involved in clinical Application of Latest and Modern Dentistry with keen interest in the fields of Implants, Cosmetic Restorative Dentistry and Periodontal Surgery,Endodontics and Maxillofacial Surgery.

He is also presently serving as Professor and Head of Department of Periodontics and Oral Implantology, Santosh Dental College, Ghaziabad where he is involved in the research of Bone Grafts and Implants my areas of thrust being ‘The Application of the Modern Periodontology in Current Practice of Periodontics’ and ‘ Result Oriented Tissue friendly Implantology’.

To his credit are several international / national publications including a pioneer research publication on Plaque Tenacity in Journal Of Periodontal Research (the top journal of the world for periodontal research). He has extensively spoken on the Recent Advances In Periodontics in the field of Periodontal Plastic Surgery (Cosmetic Periodontics) and Implantology and their relevance in the Indian context.  

He has  conducted more than 50 camps in all these years with a very high attendance going upto more than 2000 in one of the camps

Dr Akshay Bhushan Graduated in Dentistry in the year 2008. He completed his Masters in Prosthodontics from Lucknow in the year 2012.

He is Practicing the latest and modern concepts of dentistry with emphasis on preservation  & rehabilitation of lost dentition by Advanced Endodontics, Prosthodontics & Implantology. 

He specializes in Treatment of most difficult endodontic lesions and preservation of teeth and Exclusive cosmetic and smile designing with both hard & soft tissue correction.

His expertise can be viewed in Maxillofacial prosthetic rehabilitation post oncology surgery and Clinical dental excellence in the field of sleep apnea therapy

He is the member of the prestigious American Prosthodontic Society and American Dental Association. Added to this he is also the member of the Indian Prosthodontic Society and Indian Dental  Association

Dr Namrata Agarwal Graduated in the year 2008. She completed her post graduation  from Lucknow in the year 2012. 

She is a skilled endodontic practitioner who is adept in all aspects of root canal treatment. Her clinical scope of expertise include surgical and non-surgical root canal therapy, microscopic endodontics as well as complex root canal retreatments. She also provides management of the painful cracked tooth and traumatic tooth injuries caused by accidents and is routinely involved in the restoration of the root canal treated tooth. She is also skilled in endodontics treatments such as root tip closures (apexification) and preservation of the vital pulp.

She is the member of esteemed American Dental Association. She is also the member of Indian Endodontic Society, Federation of Operative Dentistry of India and Indian Dental Association 

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