Scaling and Polishing

Teeth Polishing Dental Clinic In Gurgaon

Dental polishing and scaling should be done frequently as per best teeth polishing in Gurgaon. Because bacterial growth in the oral cavity continuously forms around the gums and teeth in a film known as plaque. This plaque coating finally soaks up all the minerals present in the saliva. And then, it forms a solid deposit which is commonly known as tartar or calculus. The bacteria will finally cause a plethora of typical dental issues when it is not treated for a longer time, such as gum issues and dental cavities in the teeth.

Advantages of Polishing and Scaling

Polishing and scaling clear out the bacterial build-up, which constantly forms around the gums and teeth. Regular hygiene maintenance of the mouth at the teeth scaling dental clinic in Gurgaon is vital in eliminating typical dental issues. Such as gum issues and dental cavities. It also makes sure brighter and cleaner-looking teeth.

Scaling and Polishing Treatment Process:

  • Assessment and examination of dental issues
  • The best tooth scaling in Gurgaon utilizes gentle ultrasonics to wipe away the calculus. It is done with loupes of teeth which magnifies the vision. It enables the process of climbing to be done in a gentle and precise manner
  • Polishing and flossing to remove plaque
Teeth Scaling Dental Clinic In Gurgaon

FAQs on Scaling and Polishing

Will frequent polishing and damage the teeth?

The process is entirely safe, and it will not harm dental health. The equipment utilized is created to wipe away calculus precisely without damaging the enamel of the teeth.

How often should a person have polishing and scaling done?

The frequency relies on the requirement of the individual. For the majority of the individuals requiring regular care, polishing and scaling should be done once every 5 or 6 months.

Why is polishing and scaling essential when the individual is adequately maintained at home?

The process of extracting solid calculus cannot be wiped away by easy tooth brushing in the house. Excellent Dental maintenance and care in the house are still vital as it assists in eliminating the buildup of plaque. But the teeth polishing dental clinic in Gurgaon clears out any calculus which has formed.

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