Quality and Standards

We maintain high-quality standards regarding the tools and equipment we use to treat our patients to provide you peace of mind.

The use of digital radiography

The amount of radiation emitted by dental x-rays is meager. During a year, the average person will absorb more radiation just sitting at the front of the television than traditional x-rays done at dental clinic in Gurgaon. Because of digital x-rays, even that modest level of radiation has been decreased to around 90 percent in recent years.

With a lead apron, we may further protect our patients during the x-ray procedure.


  • The disease can be detected more efficiently and at an earlier stage.
  • Chemicals used in processing are being eliminated.
  • Processing time is reduced, and computer storage is made simpler.
  • A diagnostic gadget that works well
  • Implant surgery planning is essential.
  • Cleaning, sterilization, and anti-infection measures

After each use, all dental equipment that comes into contact with patients is heat sterilized in an autoclave, a procedure known as autoclaving. Those items that have not been heating fixed are thrown away and replaced with a fresh one. We are constantly improving our infection control methods by participating in frequent training courses and holding staff meetings to ensure your safety and peace of mind while visiting our facility.

Infection prevention and control protocols

  • One should use disposable plastic wrap to protect dentist chairs, x-ray units, and light switches.
  • All dental handpieces should be autoclaved.
  • One should avoid cross-examination by employing safety techniques.
  • Each room should be cleaned and sanitized regularly to prevent the growth of bacteria.
  • Sterilize all equipment used intraorally in an autoclave and ultrasonic cleaning to ensure that they are germ-free.
  • During examination and treatment, put on gloves, masks, and protective eyewear. One should utilize disposable equipment.


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