Bone Grafting of Teeth

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Bone can also be missing from the natural bone & teeth. Grafting can be done to regenerate this bone around the natural teeth to enhance the exact stability of these teeth. Also, implant dentistry is the highly specialised field to replace the missing teeth with titanium fixtures placed in a jawbone. These specific fixtures have also to be placed in the suffice bone to be more successful. The best bone grafting dentist in Gurgaon also can regenerate and grow the bone for this specific purpose.

The Benefits of Bone Grafting Treatment

    • Ensuring the success of the implants

Dental implants also have to be surrounded by bone and be successful. If the implants are placed in the areas where the bone is lacking, an implant will also fail & the teeth placed on these specific implants will also fall out.

    • Better aesthetics

For teeth to look natural, they must have to come to emerge out through the gums and bone. In maximum cases where the implants are also placed while this bone is lacking, the teeth positioned come as if they are staying on the gums rather than emerging through this. It is a foolproof method for others to tell if these teeth are entirely fake, not natural.

    • Implant treatment

While implants are placed in the areas without sufficient bone, the smaller implants, such as mini-implants, have to be utilised. In such cases, there also will be gaps under the teeth which can also cause food trap issues. So, to minimise this type of issue, bone grafting also should be done to assure that gums and bone could also fill up these specific gaps. This is crucial to discuss the requirement for bone grafting with your dental specialist before this implant treatment. A bone grafting for dental implants in Gurgaon can guide you appropriately.

    • Reduce the shakiness of teeth:

The natural teeth normally lack bone and can also demonstrate shakiness. While the specific bone is regenerated, the exact mobility of these teeth can also be reduced By regenerating this bone around these natural teeth, the exact lifespan of these teeth can also be prolonged.



Details of Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is the exact procedure whereby the expert will also perform the minor method to place the Grafting material under the specific gums. This is a minor but also delicate procedure. The specialists also have to undergo intensive local & overseas training to perform the exact bone grafting process.

The Grafting materials can also be obtained from the patient's jaw, the bone material which has been synthetic or sterilised bone. Research has also shown that this bone grafting is very much safe & a predictable process. With a proper examination & x-rays analysis, the specialists will also safely and preferably perform the bone grafting methods. This can be achieved by the best bone grafting doctor in Gurgaon.

The bone, which is also regenerated, has been shown that this will be actually like the original bone of the patient. There are a maximum of long-term research that has been reported to demonstrate that it restored the bone newly and also can last for decades.

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Process Of Bone Grafting Treatment

What do you expect at their 1st consultation?

Relevant x-rays also will be taken & the dental specialist will also do a comprehensive examination.

Dental Bone Graft In Gurgaon

Then the dental specialist will discuss the pre-existing dental condition & the treatment of the patient, and the antidote needed to save the patient's teeth. 

The discussion plan of the treatment, including at the time of the treatment cost and the maintenance norm, will also be done.

Is this bone grafting very much painful?

Bone grafting vis entirely pain-free. Local anaesthesia is provided before the bone grafting method.

For those patients who are anxious, bone grafting actually can be done under some intra-venous sedation. During this form of sedation, the patients will also be sleeping when the bole Grafting is done.

How long is this bone grafting method?

The bone grafting processes can also be completed in thirty minutes to one hour. The time needed usually is proportional to the exact amount of bone grafting needed. Your dental specialists will also be able to advise you on the duration after a complete pre-treatment examination.

FAQs on Bone Grafting

1- What norms have to be maintained after bone grafting?

After this bone-grafting, every patient is advised to apply the cold pack to decrease the swelling. Your Dentist will also prescribe some medication & this is essential to follow the proper instructions provided by the dental specialist while taking the specific medication.
There will also be some bleeding after this bone grafting process. So, this is essential to ignore the excessive rising & the spitting of the blood. Typically, the bleeding last one to two days. It would help if you missed some vigorous activities for 1st few days after this bone grafting process.

2- When can one person eat after this bone grafting?

Eating can also resume as soon as anaesthesia has worn off. The anaesthesia wears typically off a few hours after this particular procedure. Your doctor will advise you to ignore hot drinks and food just because the heat from this food can also trigger bleeding. This is also advisable to ignore drinks and food for the first few days.

Food like juices, smoothies, milk, oats, yoghurt and porridge are suitable.

3- When can one start brushing after the bone grafting?

The patient also should ignore brushing at a surgical site for the first few days. In place of the brushing, your dental specialist will also give you some antiseptic mouth rinse. This also should be utilized to maintain the cleanliness of the surgical site.

4- How does one person can select the dentist for this bone grafting?

First, discover if that specialist grafting doctor has some relevant post-graduate qualifications, as the bone grafting process is the specialized treatment. An advancement training involving three years of full-time training is needed to qualify as a specialist. Besides these specialist qualifications, the specialists should regularly attend the hands-on course and lectures as these courses are essential for constant upgrading of the knowledge and skill of the specialist.
This is also very much important to watch after and before images of work done by that specialist. This is just because, after & before images of work by the specialist will deliver an idea of the possible final result. Also, these images can be utilized to give the experience of the specialist in—specific clinical situations.


There is nothing to worry about because this bone grafting is entirely a pain-free treatment. You can always consult a specialist in dental bone graft in Gurgaon for the best services. with SmileWorkx

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