Details about Bone grafting on Dental Implants

Details about Bone grafting on Dental Implants

Chances are rarely good; you have heard the common phrase dental implants generally tossed around some few times, even if you are unaware of what they are. On the other hand, bone grafting is a less commonly known phrase. This is an exact touch on the ironic side just because this bone grafting & these dental implants often go hand–in–hand in this dental industry.

How does this bone graft work?
There you can get various types of bone graft, and also this type generally depends on the extent of the injury you are suffering from and the area of your lost tooth.

The standard type of bone graft is known as the socket graft. The primary purpose of the socket graft is to prevent the atrophy of an alveolar bone before it can happen. 

After this socket graft, you will be ready for your dental implant in four to six months. As a bonus having one of these grafts will also minimize the post-operative pain from this dental implant surgery.

The next type of bone graft is known as the lateral ridge preservation graft. These grafts are generally utilized to enhance the width of a jawbone to accommodate this dental implant. After that, the experts can use the human donor bones for this process.

Black bone graft is the popular type of graft that experts can utilise. This type of graft is also essential when there are significant defects in a jawbone. Generally, to perform this black bone graft, an expert harvests a tiny block of bone from the back of a jaw.

An expert can place the specific block into a detect, then easily hold this in place with tiny titanium screws. Both the block bone procedure & lateral ridge preservation graft generally take four to six months to heal.

Finally, you can find the sinus lift method. 

Here the expert dentist in Gurgaon generally utilizes the equine bone for these so that we can expand this graft. This equine bone can also be added to the bone of a human donor. This entire method is very much important when a patient needs an implant in the upper jaw, which is not generally stable enough to hold these implants independently. This equine bone typically delivers two significant and unique and advantages. This does not dissolve as quickly as human bone does & microscopically is also more similar to the human bone. 

Is this a painful procedure?
You should not feel any pain as this graft heals, & of course, while the graft has been done, you will be ready for your dental implants. The bone grafts are also simple. This is a painless procedure, and you can also enjoy the beautiful new replacement tooth.

When does a person need this bone grafting on dental implants?

Bone grafting is the best technique which is also needed when a patient does not have an exact amount of healthy natural bones in his mouth that are also capable of providing support to these dental implants. This deficiency of the natural bones also can be caused by:

  • Gum disease
  • Development of the detects
  • Face trauma or injury
  • Space after removing the teeth.

You do not need to worry about this because with the use of new technology; you can quickly get this bone grafting on the dental implant.

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