How Much Time Does It Take to Heal From Bone Grafting?

How Much Time Does It Take to Heal From Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting is performed by a dentist preceding your dental implant surgery. This surgery is done if they detect that your jawbone is not as thick as it should be to hold a dental implant in its place firmly.

This procedure occurs before the patient is taken for dental implant surgery since a huge pressure is exerted on one’s bone when they chew food on their food. If the bone fails to support the implant surgery, then your surgery won’t be successful.

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How does this surgery take place? 

A bone graft is usually performed after a bone is taken from various parts of the patient’s body. This whole procedure is regarded as an autograft. The required bone can also be acquired from a donated or frozen allograft.

There are various cases when substitutes of man-made synthetic bones are used in such cases. However, the patient is not likely to experience discomfort or pain since the patient would be given general anesthesia because of invasive surgery.

During the ongoing surgery, an incision would be made by the oral surgeon over the required area by the bone, which needs substitution. The bone required for crafting is usually taken from nearby spaces—one of the most common places in the pelvis.

After the bone graft has been given a shape, it is inserted around the nearby area where the dental implant occurs. 

What is the significance of this procedure?

Fusion of joints is one of the primary reasons behind this procedure. One of the other common reasons could be to repair broken fractures or does which might have gone through the loss of bone or repairing injured bone because it might not be healing.

What is the maximum time to recover from this procedure? 

The recovery time is solely dependent on the size of your bone graft. It might take 14 days to 90 days, depending on the severity of your problem. Bone graft usually takes a minimum of 3 months to heal properly.

Moreover, the patient is advised to avoid practising any heavy exercises during this period or for a minimum of six months for keeping the area around his bone graft dry and hygienic.

Patients are also strictly advised to avoid smoking and consuming nicotine since it might seriously harm their bodies. Moreover, your body might take longer to heal if you are consuming tobacco as well as nicotine.

Surgery of a bone graft provides proper stability to your dental implant, which you might have inserted. It would demand some time to heal correctly, but the patient needs to be prepared for the procedure. Since if you haven’t prepared, the process might get very daunting to perform. Bone grafting is done to rebuild or repair one’s bones by transplanting more healthier bone tissue from one part to another part of your body.

The people who are willing to get dental implants but lack abundant bone density to support the implant might consult their dentist near you regarding getting bone grafting.


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